Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

We dyed Eggs this year with our friends the Schaumann's. They have a little boy named Cohen who is 3 months old. We all haven't dyed eggs in years, so we got creative and ending up having alot of fun doing it.

Avery and Cohen
The only picture we took of dyeing eggs.
Avery in her Easter Dress

She got a bunny sippy cup  

and some Easter books. 
After church, we headed over to the Hammagren's house for Easter dinner. This is our third year spending Easter with the Hammagren's  and the Bartlett's.  Its so nice to spend a holiday here with great friends and not have to travel. The food was delicous. Avery got to eat some of it too. 
He is Risen!

 This past week Avery started CRAWLING! She has been scooting backwards for a couple weeks now,but now she is on the move. We have started to put a few things away this week because she is fast and want to get into everything!

Avery's First Swim

This week we took Avery swimming for the first time with her friend Abbey.We got to the pool and saw that Abbey and Avery had matching swim suits on. I guess Abby's mom and I have the same taste! Avery went under the water multiple times and seemed to not mind it. We had a fun night at the pool with them and then heading to some great Indian food in Corvallis.

Here are some pictures from the night!

 Hope you guys had a great week!

Friday, April 6, 2012

9 months old

Our little Avery is 9 months old! 
 I had to put the sticker on your back this month because you kept grabbing it off and wanting to put it in your mouth! Everything she picks up still goes straight to her mouth.

She has been one busy girl lately. Scooting backwards and standing holding onto things are two skills she has mastered! Children's place pajamas in size 12-18 is what you are wearing now and they seem to fit the best for you.  9 month clothes are getting a little tight.

You weigh 21 pounds and have 8 teeth.  Wear size four diaper. We love to listen to you babble. In the car is where you talk the most I think its because you love talking to yourself in the mirror. 

You love to be outside and go for walks.

Smiling girl, with her favorite giraffe after nap today. You always wake up so happy after your naps.  You are still taking 2 naps a day, some days three at least and hour and a half long. I love listening to you talk in your crib to your stuffed animals. Its the cutest thing. 

It seems like she is learning something new every day! We are so thankful for a happy and healthy baby girl. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Tile!

 This week my husband finished tiling the dining room and kitchen and I Loove how it turned out.
Here is my wonderful hubby working hard. He is quite the catch!



I am so happy we got the tile done before Avery started crawling. I couldn't imagine us doing this with her crawling everywhere. Now when things spill in the dining room I don't need to worry as much, I can just wipe it off!

The sweetest lady at work made Avery and I matching butterfly scarves and hats. I love the gray and pink!
I love my job. I get to meet the nicest people.

8 months old.

Miss Avery Ana at 8 months old-
Every month just flies by. I could start crying just thinking about how fast it is going. I am trying to soak in each moment of every day with you, because I know this time is going to go by so fast. I can't give you enough kisses in a day. I love you so much!

You are such a gift to me! Your smile and laugh bring so much so to my life.

  • You love to play and be silly. You laugh so hard when we hold you and chase Oliver around the house. Oliver isn't so much a fan,but you sure are! 
  • You're seventh and eighth teeth just popped through.
  • You eat solids twice a day. It seems like if I add a dash of cinnamon to anything you'll like it.:) Right now one of your favorites is homemade applesauce. We are working on signing the word,more. The way you sign more is by  hitting your hand on the table. This is pretty funny to watch.
  • You wear size three diapers and are in size 9-12 month clothing.
  • You still LOVE bath time.  
  • Usually you wake up only once a night around 2 am. In the bath at seven and go to bed around eight. 
I am starting to plan your ONE year birthday now! Cannot believe it will be here just around the corner. You Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you Avery. Thank you so much for being our lil girl.
Love you lil miss.

Monday, February 13, 2012

7 months!

So far February has been a busy month! Avery gets to sit in the shopping cart now like a big girl. Here we are at Coscto.

 We went to Bend to see family. Here you are with your cousin Maddie. 

 We went on lots of walks this month. It finally got a little warmer so we could go outside.
Sassy girl in her sunglasses
 I cannot believe my lil girl is 7months old! You have 5 teeth and the six one is on its way! You have been such a happy baby even through all the teething. You have started to scoot backwards on your hands and knees. It is so cute to watch! 
Out to Lunch with my parents in Bend! Oh how I miss Toomies. Yum
 Her new friend Emily Sue. Sorry Axle we will get a picture of you soon!
 A play date with miss Abby May
We our eating up every minute with you,because we know this time with you is going to go fast!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Our baby girl is six months old

My goal for this new year is to blog my life away!
 So here it goes.

On January 1, 2012 Avery turned six months old! It seems like just yesterday I was looking at her and she was just a tiny newborn baby. Time is flying by.
 Avery you bring so much joy into our lives. You laugh all the time. We barely have to do anything and you smile big and laugh.

Here is a little bit about our what our baby girl is up to:

  • She has had two of her bottom teeth since she was four months old . One day you woke up and had teeth,we didn't even know you were teething. 
  • We have been using one size Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers since you were three months old. At night we put you in over night diapers because you were leaking so much. 
  • You sit up on your own now. 
  • You are in 6 to 9 month clothes in carters brand. 
  • Whenever you cry  we sing Jesus Loves Me and you stop crying right away. Once we stop for a second you start crying again. I sang Jesus Loves Me  to her while she was in my tummy, so I think this maybe why she likes it so much. 
  • You still take three naps a day. Usually your naps are around 10,2 and 5. You usually sleep at least an hour for your first two naps and then 45 mins for your last nap. 
  • You sit in the tub now! You were getting too big for the baby bath tub and you have been sitting so well. 
  •  Every night after bath we sing and daddy and I pray with you. We still swaddle you at night. We put you down around 8 and you usually wake up around 12 and on a good night not until 4am.
  •  We started solids on December 1st. So far you have had bananas, pears,carrots, avocado, and prunes. You really like pears, bananas and prunes. Your six month check up is on the tenth, I can't wait to take you. 
  • So far the jumperoo hasn't been a huge hit. You really love sitting in your high chair and playing with your toys. You kick your legs and make all sort of cute babbles, goos and gaas. 

 Avery your daddy and I are so thankful for you! We couldn't imagine our life without you. We love you so much.
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